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Beyond Lubricants, We accelerate sustainable future

“ Make It Move, Make It Green
High-fuel efficiency / Responsive Electrification / Environmentally Acceptable ”

Leads future-oriented & environment-friendly
mobility industry

We are proud that we have been leading the lubricant industry in Korea since 1968. We offer the most optimized solution for fast-evolving mobility and various customers needs through a technology that is always one step ahead. We continue to be the best global partner that leads the industry by providing a future centric and environment-friendly base oil and lubricants that consider the environment for the next generation.

Company Name Established Head Office Address
SK lubricants Co., Ltd. October 1, 2009 SK Bldg., 26, Jongno,
Jongno-gu, Seoul
Number of Employees Financial Status Operating Income
Approx. 288 person

As of 09.2021

Revenue ₩2.6386 trillion

As of 09.2021 (on a consolidated basis)

Operating Income ₩693.1 billion

As of 09.2021 (on a consolidated basis)


Lube base oil

Global trend of enhanced regulations on environmental protection and wide spread of using low-viscosity products required by OEM automakers for fuel efficiency, is leading to increased demand for premium lube base oil is growing. SK lubricants’ YUBASE is increasing its sales volume in more than 50 countries around the globe including the U.S., Europe, and Japan.


Since we started the lubricant oil business in 1995, our representative brand SK ZIC has grown to become the number one lubricant oil brand in Korea. In addition, we increased sales volume in Russian market as well as in the Southeast/West and Southwest Asian markets. With this, we built a solid foundation for a marketing network and proved our technological capabilities.